What if Voices of the Children, a nonprofit that connects youth in Jordan and the USA in collaborative arts programs, created a retail space in downtown Mount Vernon, WA that features arts and crafts from our friends in Jordan and the Skagit Valley? How might this further the connections being made between the communities? How might this opportunity further benefit the artists and artisans featured and what other doors might open for them? These are the questions that drive our desire for creating such a space.

Habibi is managed and operated by Voices of the Children and up to this point, its work has been one-directional – USA to Jordan. Habibi serves to close the circle of connection by bringing Jordan to the USA through its artists and artisans. In addition to featuring arts and crafts from Jordan, from time to time Habibi will bring an artist/artisan to the store to open exhibitions, work with youth in the USA and/or give lectures, workshops, performances and more to further strengthen the bond between the two communities.